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November 15, 2009

Microsoft release GPLv2 offending tool in GPLv2

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That is really very quick reaction. In record time, Microsoft admitted GPLv2 violation and released the tool under GPLv2.

What does that tell me? Microsoft works very fast? No. Microsoft already know that the tool violated GPLv2 and went into plan B, i.e. going into compliance? No. Big companies like Microsoft, who built their company on IP will not knowingly violate an IP license.

What it says is Microsoft modification to the source code is minimal. So small, that there is no IP worth protecting under a proprietary license, and the time take to clear the IP through the legal department etc is really quick. That’s the reason for the quick reaction. Of course, the fact that the omission of the tool do make a dent (not a big one though) on online sales helps to speed up the process.

The only thing still leave a bitter taste in the mouth is Microsoft’s source code clearing process. Compared to other big companies such as HP, Dell and IBM, that process is not good enough.  We do not really hear a lot of license violation (GPL or otherwise) from other  big companies that make a living on software, but the occurance for Microsoft (See this TheRegister’s article)  this year alone is too high. It is not befitting of a big company.


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