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November 19, 2009

You need a license to access your computer memory!

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Interesting revealation! Windows has code that check that you have the appropriate “license” to access your memory. This means if you are having the wrong license, Windows will restrict the maximum memory available to you.

Surprised? No. We all know whichever edition of Windows you are using, the base code is the same. If Windows Starter Edition can restrict you to running three applications at once only, that means it is doing some sort of checking in the background to decide what to do? Whatever you choose to call this process, it is licensing check.

On NetBooks, there are restriction on what type of processor you are using. How does windows know? Again, some sort of licensing check.

Getting back to the point: On netbooks, one of the requirement is you cannot have more than 2GB of memory. How does windows know? You guess it, a license check that will not allow you to use more than 2GB.

What is interesting here is not there is a license enforcement, but Microsoft choose to call it “license”.

As for asking (or shaming) Microsoft to allow your 32bit operating system to work with more than 4GB? Dream on.

Part of the reason is technical. The article by Mark Russinovich quoted in the article I am referring you to alone is good enough reason for me not to allow Windows XP to access more than 4GB of memory. Developers, working on that you cannot access more than 4GB of memory, might had taken shortcut. Allowing more than 4GB memory access now will just break the software. In the software business, developers like me will say a program that goes wrong silently is worst than a program that crash. At least with programs that crash you know something is wrong.

Looking ahead, I do not see the license going away. It might not be something open source software do, but Microsoft is free to choose to impose this limit on its users. What do they say when you say you don’t like it?  I know: Tough.

With Windows XP, no way.


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