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November 24, 2009

Google Chrome OS

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I finally have a chance of looking at the Chrome OS preview demo. Here are my two cents:

  • Microsoft will be breathing a sigh of relief: It is not about to challenge Microsoft’s netbook position anytime soon. The presenter got it right: The demo might not tell us how Chrome OS will turn out, but it give us a pretty good idea on what Google’s aim for it is. Looking at the aim, Microsoft’s netbook OS and indeed other OS for netbook still have quite a lot of mileage before Chrome OS is going to challenge them. The one advantage they have over Chrome OS: Storing data and program on the device itself. Chrome OS threatening Windows and Office monopoly? At least three years away. Furthermore, Andriod is a much bigger threat than Chrome OS.
  • The serious shortcoming in Chrome OS is it depends heavily on the internet. With this, invariably it means you must have wireless connection (and maintain it throughout your computing session). No internet, no data or program and what you have is a slab of silicon in your bag.
  • The world is not ready for Chrome OS. One, I still don’t trust the cloud enough to put my data there. Two, most importantly, the pervasiveness of wireless services is not good enough for me to be able to access my data anywhere I want. Sure, if I pay for a coffee Starbuck will give me access to their wireless. But it will cost me some money, and then the coverage of Starbuck’s wireless is limited. Wireless need to be cheaper or more pervasive for Chromium OS to survive.
  • Can the problems with Chrome OS be overcome? If the price is right, I might just trust the cloud to store my data. Pervasiveness of wireless is going to increase, so connectivity might not be a problem in the future. In short. Yes.
  • Delaying Chrome OS for a year is a smart move! The necessary pervasiveness of Wireless which is still not here today is likely to be there this time next year. That to me is a precondition for Chrome OS.

And finally…

  • Can someone give the presenter a microphone to hold please? He is clutching the bottle of mineral bottle as if it is a bottle of formaldehyde with his pickled balls in it.
  • Note that all laptops on the front table are Macintosh. Where is Windows?

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