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January 19, 2010

Google showing its “false” teeth

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Yes… Google has teeth, but no bite. In fact it is so bad, I call it false teeth.

First ,we have news from PCWorld that Gmail of Foreign Journalist hacked, and let’s assume it is by the Chinese state. The last fact alone is not given, as I can see plenty of reason why other countries want to do this. From Google’s point of view: Either they know this story is coming out, therefore PR manage it by putting out the news that it “might” pull out of China first, or it is giving this information out to support their “possible” decision to pull out and help nudge China towards a compromise. As for the reputation of Gmail? I do not think it will matter much. We all know Gmail, and any other online mail providers, are subjected to hacking day in and day out. For the journalists and media groups? It is interesting that they decided to use Gmail instead of running their own mail infrastructure. I am not sure whether to say it is right or wrong to use Gmail because I am not sure which is better: Having Gmail’s team constant vigilant on your mail account but painting a bigger target on oneself, or painting a smaller target but not the vigilant that Gmail can provide by running the mail infrastructure oneself.

Second: The hilarious one now. BBC is reporting that Google is delaying the launch of two mobile phones in China. Yes, that’s right. The world in general, China is particular, had been crying out for not one, but two, Google phones. Of course we know the reason: China may not listen to Google, a foreign company, but may be the most affected partner, China Unicom, has more clout in changing China’s mind. However, for joe consumer? Big deal.


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