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February 3, 2010

Ah.. Almost forgotten about CrunchPad…

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With the hype surrounding iPad, then the Microsoft proposed tablet called Courier, I had almost forgotten about CrunchPad, or should I call it Joojoo?

Engadget’s coverage of the CrunchPad saga, on this page, is quite good. I don’t sense any bias against both parties, but of course we have to always bear in mind that Engadget is a competitor of TechCrunch.

I refers you to two commentaries in particular, Engadget’s disection of the the first filing from both sides (TechCrunch’s and FusionGarage’s).It is good. The bottom line, which they hit on, is “Where’s the contract?”. To me, this reinforce the need for Venture Capital. They would had ensured that this will not happen and that everyone is clear on what the relationship is.

What do I think? As for the filings themselves, we see the standard legal posturing and maneuvers lawyers do in early stage of a lawsuit. Both sides will present their view in their favour. TechCrunch’s problem is no formal contract, FusionGarage’s is may be a formal contract is not really that important, but what both sides can show they put in to the project is. Who is right? who is wrong? Only a judge can sort it out.

Now that we have the iPad, it is the elephant in the room, as point out by Engadget. I don’t care how great Joojoo is, it may support 1050p video, it may be the next big thing not from Apple. But I prefer  the iPad, eventhough I can only get the most basic version. Yes, before you say it, I bought all the PR and hype Apple is throwing at me.


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