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February 10, 2010

Microsoft squandered opportunity? or Not?

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In an op-ed contribution in New York Times timed to ride on the iPad news, a former Microsoftee lamblasted the company for lost opportunity in the past decade. Well, we get those articles from time to time. This time it is different, Microsoft felt compelled to write a rebuttal.

Comparing the strength of both articles, I think the Dick Brass (the former Microsoftee) scored a bigger goal with the rebuttal. Microsoft did not dispute his event, instead, they tried the sledge of hand, i.e., asking you to consider other surrounding the issues. Don’t worry about the slow speed of bring ClearType to market, but consider it’s scale and impact on the market. The question is of course, why don’t you achieve both? Surely bring it to market earlier increase its scale and impact?

Brass use infighting inside Microsoft as the reason for the lack of innovation. While there are some truth in it, I don’t know how this compare with other similar sized company. Do we see it at IBM? I don’t know as nobody has yet to spill the beans.

What is important then? Learning from experience. Companies like people make mistake. The key is to learn from the mistake. That advise is not pointing to Microsoft alone, but to you and me.


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