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February 10, 2010

Oouch… That’s painful

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Last week, the net is buzzing with news that an Australian judge handed movie company their most humilating public defeat yet. If you think the movie company gone too far, and relish the opportunity to see a judge side with ISP, iiNet, to say that they don’t have to pass down infringement notices, then sit down and enjoy Ars Technica’s coverage of the decision.

I don’t know anything about how long an Aussie judge normally write in his judgement, but I think 200 pages is really really long. Having said that, I think I am going to sit back and read it. As for what the next step is, you know that the movie companies are going to appeal. Will the judgement be reversed? I don’t know. If it does not, there will be another defeat for movie companies and that will have a big impact on their anti-piracy strategy.

Aussie Communication Misnister acted responsibly and stay above the squabble. He only urge the two sides to discuss the issue further.

Reading Ars Technica article for background information, you can see that a lawsuit is inevitable. First, the movie companies set themselves up by flooding ISPs with requests to pass on dodgy  copyright infringement notices to their customers. They already implied that any ISP who refused will be dealt with. With such a big company refusing to toe the line, they will have to make an example of it. Even if they fail,  they figure and calculated that showing they are willing to follow up on the implied threat will scare others into re-considering their request. They probably did not expect a 200 page judgement and such a big negative publicity surronding the judgement.

iiNet paint a big target on themselves with their public defiance. So what do we have? The inevitable.

Now, lets wait to see what the appeal court will say.


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