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February 26, 2010

Shouldn’t Microsoft glean at Oracle returning to 1970?

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According to TheRegister, Microsoft’s Muglia chided Oracle for returning to 1970’s vertical integration space, calling it 1970’s hell.

That is strange, isn’t it? Microsoft should be gleaning at Oracle for about to make a really expensive mistake and vacating the market space for Microsoft product. Why take the bother of pointing out Oracle mistake?

Except that this is commercial speak trying to persuade customers to move away from vertical integration in favour of Microsoft’s less vertical version. What all these chiding does is to show that Oracle has a strategy that Microsoft took notice.

What Oracle is proposing makes sense. A Oracle database, in a vertical configuration, is a silo, and I quite like it as a silo. If your database is an Oracle database, it is extremely likely the data in it is critical to your business. You want to protect it as much as you can. Building it as a silo is one way to do it. It is also attractive way and provided the price is right, I want to be able to go to one vendor and say, sort whatever problem I have with my silo out and Oracle is offer this.

Almost all big database have its own database server that other application servers connect to via a network link to get/put/update its data. It is perfectly fine for the database server to run on a different operating system from your application servers, since OS is inconsequential as far data activity is concerned. In fact, I cannot see people ditching their current application server operating system to match that of their database server. If so, Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux would had sent RedHat packing.

The vertical integration approach is fine and attractive. This spooks Microsoft.


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