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March 5, 2010

Tax yet, but it cannot be used to reward bad software writing

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Microsoft’s Scott Charney suggests a tax on the internet to defray the cost of combating cyber crime. Will I pay it, may be.

It all depends on what the tax money is paid for. According to the article, Chaney was thinking about taxing us “to help defray the costs associated with computer security breaches and vast Internet attacks”. I can see myself paying money for the later,  we need to combat child porn, phishing website, spams, Nigerian scams and arguably big DDNS attacks.

As for fighting computer security breaches? Up to a certain and very limited extents. Probing individual computers for vulnerability and email the responsible person, yes. I am not talking about surveilence, big brother behaviour, policing, just general watch, i.e., like police patrol around the neighbourhood.

As for paying software companies to fix flaw in their softwares? NO WAY. That will be rewarding bad software writing.  We not only don’t want to reward that, I propose to use this tax money to give them the stick instead. For example, detecting and fine internet users who do not secure their computers. This way, software companies will be forced to deal with the flaws or face the warth of their users.


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