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March 18, 2010

What you hear is not necessary what the court hears, nor the jury

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In the case of SCO, we know that already. SCO made a lot of noise in public. However, when it comes to the time when it is time to put beef into their argument, i.e., put forward their argument to the court, they chicken out. What we seen presented to Judge Kimball was not what we heard from SCO’s public statement. I expected that.

Not being a lawyer, and as my job does shield me from the real business world, I am a bit surprise to find out that they are presenting a different picture to the jury from that given to Judge Kimball. I am following the jury trial of SCO vs Novell as reported by Groklaw. It is a bit tedious, and I had never sensed that SCO was changing its story. However, obviously Novell sense it. It’s lawyer had decided that it is worthwhile trying to show the jury that SCO had change its tune for their benefit and therefore willing to risk the jury being prejudiced against Novell  by hearing that the appeal court had overturned Judge Kimball’s judgement.

No doubt Novell is going to introduce all the noises SCO had been putting out in the public. That will make things more interesting.

My take of the trial so far? It is still “he says she says”. Is this a turning point? I don’t know. What I know is since we only have one more week to go, any turning point that has to turn up will do so in this time frame. Who knows whether SCO might suddenly discover something and we will have a Perry Mason moment.

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