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March 23, 2010

Same problem, different treatment

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I was always wondering what happen if Germany warns its citizen not to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. I got the answer: We have radically different atmosphere as predicted.

First, the response is rather muted when the advisory first came out. Instead of big headline slamming the maker of Firefox, most people seems contented to sweep it under the carpet.

Now came the news that Firefox fixed the bug one week ahead of schedule. We are going to have a field day celebrating it. TheRegister’s fired its salvo with the byline “Have that, German Government” and it is not going to be the only one.

Are we hypocrates for treating the two differently? I think so. In situation such as this Microsoft exhibits a much better behaviour than us.

Worth celebrating? Any important bug fix is worth the celebration, including when IE fix its bug. Is it a model that IE should emulate, i.e., try fixing it as soon as possible and not wait for the next Tuesday or any day for that matter? Perhaps. I am not sure about the real value of putting a fix out at the first available moment.  For most people, they are and will still be vulnerable, until their firefox will only get fixed the next time firefox checks for update. How is this different from waiting for next Tuesday?


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