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June 1, 2010


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The news on the net is Google is ditching Windows, citing security concerns.

More precisely, its employees are no longer offered the options of using Windows by default. It is rumored that to get a Window desktop requires approval from “someone quite senior” [What they have left is MacOSX and Linux. Most of us would envy them having MacOSX as a choice, but that’s another story]

Does it means Windows will disappear from Google’s employee desktops? Yes if you are admin/HR or other normal business function staffs who mostly don’t care which operating system you use; No if you are a developer for Google. The majority of Google’s software is used by users with Windows operating system,IE is most prominent browser on the planet, and finally, Google has offering that has to be targeted at Windows, Chrome Browser for example. Therefore, it is easy to built a case to get a Windows desktop if you are a developer.

This does means the number of deployed Windows systems on Google decreased significantly. One cannot say it is a cost-saving measure because a cheaper lower spec Windows system will do the job just as well as the cheapest available MacOSX system for it.

Google did it for security reasons? At least this is the cited reason. I do not buy it. The next major bleach of security for Google is now more likely to come from Linux or MacOSX, now that Windows system are not so prevalent in Googlesphere. When that happen then what will Google do? Ditch another next operating system that is at fault? Since there is a finite and small numbers of operating systems to choose, is it going to reinstate Windows?

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