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June 22, 2010

No pressure, no threat needed …

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VAR Guy asked whether Microsoft pressured Dell to change its statement that “Linux is more secure than Windows”. I do not think any threat is needed, just a reminder that Dell might be wandering into territory that it should best avoid in the first place.

Why? While we all know that Linux, MacOSX and other non-Windows computers are more secure than Windows for a variety of reasons, how are we going to prove it? Gut feeling, the fact that you and I don’t have virus problems on those platform year after year just do not count as evidence. Research on the topic? Too easy to pick apart the methodology.

If the statement is challenged in court, Microsoft could have put up 100 research papers to counter the 100 research papers that Dell put up in defense. The poor jury will be so confused at the end of the day so it will be a more on luck than on evidence whichever side wins.

The impact on both companies would have been bad. The distraction is not something both needs. Without the cash reserve as big as Microsoft, and the fact that it is in a more competitive market than ever (witness Dell’s steady drop from no 1 vendor to the world) Dell is in a more vulnerable position.

Therefore, it is smart for Dell to change the wording. It should concentrate on its core competence, i.e., selling computers, not lawsuit. After all, it has a viable business model, unlike SCO.


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