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July 23, 2010

Apple did the right thing, but perhaps the wrong way

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You would had known by now that Apple “cough up” to the antenna problem, and decided to pay everyone off by offering free case.

Or, unless you read TheRegister, which follow the Apple’s official line by saying “There is no antenna problem. But have a free case anyway”.

No, there is no Antennagate. But yes, the issue is serious regardless of whether is it real or not. When you buy something that expensive you don’t expect problems like this. And if there was, you expect Apple to make good promptly.

Why I said it did it the wrong way? I do not see any need to bash other handsets. That makes others unhappy (See this TheRegister article). Do I believe Job description? Yes and no. Yes, holding your phone will alter the signal strength, but one has to take the “demos” on other handsets with a pinch of salt: Given the correct facility and the time to do it, I  can always reproduce the videos.

Like everything Steve Job’s announcement, that announcement last week was a PR stunt. Look carefully and you will find that there are less substance in the speech than that met the eye. Sure, they have a lot of brilliant people, and spent a fortune on antenna testing, but that is no guarantee that there will be no problem with the antenna. Things like business decision to place the antenna a certain way despite engineers’ advice made any investment you put in facilities goes down the drain immediately.


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