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July 30, 2010

BCS: Can open source be secure?

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Advogato’s Leighton raised a lot of interesting points in the fallacy of  “security through obscurity”. However, his attack on BCS’s article about Open Souce Security is, in my opinion, misguided.

The BCS’s article, like my writing and unlike Leighton’s, is disorganized and lack focus. How exactly this pass the editorial process of BCS is a puzzle. [At least I have the excuse of not having an editor.] I cannot decide whether the article is about Open Source Security, using Open Source in Business or the hurdles (read commercial support) in using Open Source in business.

The other big disappointment is the shallowness of the article. I expected more from a security expert, especially if he is writing in a publication by an organization that calls itself ‘The Chartered Institute for IT’ [Full disclosure: I am working on professional registration in another Chartered Institute, i.e., The IET]. There is no analysis of the situation, no citation to back the assertions and I cannot even say the author skimmed through the subject. I expected deeper (but not too intimate) analysis of the situation, followed by the author’s opinion and perhaps, a few lines on the authors’ experience with open source. What I get is superficial treatment of claims recycled from elsewhere, and not a very good one at it.

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