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August 20, 2010

Let’s do the maths

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150,000 applicants denied places in this year university intake in UK according to the BBC. That’s a BIG number. The reaction of most people: Bad government coz it should had increased university spaces to accommodate them (Nevermind of the fact that it is not possible to create that many spaces overnight). Wow!

However as usual, the detail matters. Take thisother story from BBC. Key paragraph:

“The number of university applications in the UK hit a record high last year, with a total of 640,000 people applying (including through clearing) and 482,000 eventually accepted onto courses.”

So last year, after clearing,  158,000 student was denied places. So, let me get it straight: The projected number dropped this year by 8000? OK. I am not going to nitpick a few thousands, let’s call it no change  this year.

Let’s look at an alternative scenario. According to the first article, this year, 660,000 people applied. That’s only an increase of 20,000. Assuming number of places haven’t changed, we will only have 20,000 people more this year who will be denied places. That increase is not that huge, is it?

Moral of this maths lesson? Do your homework.


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