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September 30, 2010

Name/branding do matters, but content matter most!

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To you and me, CodePlex Foundation renamed themselve to OuterCurve Foundation in order to “put some distance” between them and their main sponsor Microsoft. However, their group executive director, in a blog post, says that is not the aim of the renaming. She insists that what had changed is only the name, everything else remains the same.

According to her, they even went as far as getting professional help in renaming. This is all good, but this rebranding exercise looks to me to be just cosmetic. At the end of the day it is the content, in this case, what the foundation does, that will decide on the failure or success of the foundation.

A year since the foundation of the foundation, the only news of any significance is the name change. That does not bore well for the foundation. Looking through their galleries we see nothing but Window’s-based technology in it. Of the six projects featured on the banner,  ASP.Net is present on all but two. For the other two, Windows-only  for one of it (CoApp). Leaving the last one (Network Monitor Parser). Even that is started by Microsoft and has a preference for SQL Server (but presumably it can be easily rewritten for other SQL-based database).

Should we write the foundation off as another stunt from Microsoft? I don’t think we should yet. Let’s give them the benefit of doubt. First year is always hectic and you do have to sort out the management first before playing with the real business of running the foundation as stated in the mission statement. Let’s give it another year.


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