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November 8, 2010

London Stock Exchange latest IT problem …

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I am watching London Stock Exchange roll out of its new trading platform closely, following its every move because LSE changed from .NET to Linux. It is not so much about watching Linux in action at a major Stock Exchange since it has been done successfully before. In fact, it is probably safe to say that Linux is edging out the competition. I am more interested in how LSE manages the transition, what customization they had done to Linux and similar nitty-gritty stuff including tidbits that comes out from the graphvine from third parties who are affected by this transition.

It turns out that the trading platform transition is only a small part of LSE’s overall IT move. It is also doing a big expansion of the services it provides. If they can pull it off, that would be great. Of course, it is not without problem. The latest is a massive network hit that leads to a suspension of a contractor. Of course the most juicy bit is that we have a outage for two hours and the suspension of the Linux transition. Other than that, all I am aware of is potential capacity problem that should be fixable in the long run.

This is of course, the first publicized outage of the Linux-based system. Because it happened early in the transition cycle, and the finger is quick to point at a human rather than the platform, one still have to write this down as teething problem. Equally unfortunately, unlike previous incidents with the .NET platform, we cannot even say it is definitely a problem with Linux or the trading platform. In fact, all indications are pointing to management problem and Linux might simply be a casualty of poor management.

We still have to wait and see.


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