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May 4, 2011

Hudson on different open source trajectory from

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When I heard from Brian Proffitt’s blog that Oracle wants to pass the baton for Hudson to Eclipse Foundation, I joined the thousands that says “Oh no! Another SUN open source project hits the dust”

However, after some thinking, I concluded that Hudson is on a different trajectory from The difference? Oracle decided to form a new community around Somehow, may be unfairly, everybody is expecting it is Oracle’s way of getting out from the leadership role and leave out to rot.

However, with Hudson, Eclipse Foundation will  requires a strong lead by a member of Eclipse Foundation, normally the original proposer, and Oracle had indicated it is willing to take the lead. Oracle is therefore, not abandoning Hudson.

Eclipse Foundation, rightly or wrongly, give me the impression that it is an unusual type of dumping ground. By dumping their product there, companies, especially the project lead actually hope to make their offering more attractive to third parties. By dumping Hudson there, and given that Oracle is not one that throws away a cash cow that is not too thin, I think Oracle is actually signalling that it is putting resources behind Hudson, rather than abandoning it. It wants a different governance structure that it itself is unable to provide, but true to Oracle style, do not want to relinquish control. Eclipse Foundation’s might just allow it to achieve that.

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