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May 16, 2011

To Burson-Marsteller: Time to manage your own PR properly and uphold your own policy

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Dan Lyon got the scoop on FaceBook hiring Burson-Marsteller to run a smear campaign against Google. This is a big scoop and a lot of digital ink has been spilled over it. What I will say is FaceBook and Burson-Marsteller deserve the full blow back they got.

For a PR company, Burson-Marsteller does not seem to know how to manage its own public image. How stupid can one be to delete a negative message on their FaceBook page during the storm? The same Wired website says the two employees involved will simply be sent for ethical retraining instead of being fired.  We will see. To me someone has to be fired. The two employees and, if it turned out they have managerial support, the relevant people in the management should face the music. First, they did it against BM’s own Code of Ethics. If they weren’t fired, what’s the point of the policy in question? More importantly, what does it says about BM’s policy?

A PR company should not find itself in the limelight and if it does, it is important to manage it properly. BM didn’t. If a PR company cannot even manage its own PR, how do you expect it to handle yours?


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