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August 1, 2011

Hot air, real analysis and change in coverage tone at

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What’s the different between hot air and real analysis? Mine ranting on this blog is hot air, For real analysis, look somewhere else!

The trigger for this email is the Mueller’s hot air about Google’s patent purchase from IBM. Compare it with Webbink’s analysis. Both see a potential relation between this purchase and Oracle-Google lawsuit over Andriod, but only Webbink analysis points out, very early in the article, that it does not help Google much!

That in return trigger me to talk about the subtle but clear change in coverage at GrokLaw after webbink took over from PJ. PJ’s writing is about passion,  tend to use a lot of words to explain concepts in law to its reader and pull in a lot of references. Webbink writing is very lawyer-like,  straight to the point and with less references. Both are impressive writers in their own rights.

I think we see here the natural progression of a website as its readers matures. I do not think it is intentional, but one can say PJ planted the seed, educating all of us about technology and law. That education pave the way for all of us to graduate to Webbink’s advance course.


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