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September 13, 2011

Are we seeing a potential new strategy in the patent defence game

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When I first heard of the news that HTC bought patents from Google to sue Apple, I asked myself whether we are seeing a new strategy in the patent defence  game: Patent merry-go-round.

The merry-go-round works like this: Company A sues company B. Company B buys patents from Company C that shares a common interest in defending Company B against Company A. So far, nothing new. However, the twist is, once a amicable settlement is reached, and if company A sues company D, company B or company C will come to the aid of company D.

It is like an unofficial patent pool defending the something of value for company B, C and D. What is important here is the strong message sent by this collective defense to company A.

Google had been accused of not standing behind Android. In particular, stand by the sideways while its partners get sued. This move is great, like the impressive Google challenge of Lodsys patents, it shows Google is a sleeping giant and when it step up to defend its partners, it roars loudly!

On both count, nobody can say Google’s move is not impressive. I would add innovative to the mix. Perhaps distruptive to the business of patent defence game. I believe both counts more than the lip service paid by another, much bigger company with a saggin phone operating system who attempt to use its indeminity pledge as a tactical advantage..


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