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September 21, 2011

EC drops TurboHercules’ complaint against IBM

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Normally, I only get to comment when a dispute happen, not when a dispute ends. The reason? People make fanfare of a new dispute and just like thousand other internet users,  I become aware of it through the fanfare. Rarely, except for some rare important cases, where the end of a dispute is as well publicized as its beginning. This means I normally missed them. Not to mention I actually forgotten about it.

The complaint to EC against IBM by TurboHercules is a good example where I forgotten about it. Until of  course Groklaw’s PJ pick it up on EUROPA’s Press Release. I must congratulate the person who actually report it to PJ. It is not easy to spot a single paragraph explaining that EC had dropped the complaint “following an in-depth investigation”. There is little  clue on the title about this TurboHercules’ complaint on the title, and EC appended this notice almost as a after thought to a request for information on a slightly related case.

Search on Google reveal this eWeek article in August that gives more information. Anyone who saw the article when it was published will know that the logical conclusion is for EC to close the  case, with or without ‘in-depth investigation’. The eWeek article suggested another party to the complaint reached a settlement with IBM where it folded completely to IBM’s demand. I don’t know why but TurboHercules’ website is offline today.

I never thought that TurboHercules’ complaint has merits. Given what had happened, I think it is safe to say that like other commentators who thinks the same, we are  correct. Nice to be vindicated once in a while.


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