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December 1, 2011

How do you know a law is bad

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SOPA is bad. How bad you might ask? Simply because the number of people lining up to say it is bad does not mean it is that bad.

Google, Facebook, Twitter voiced their opposition? No. It just means that SOPA makes life difficult for them. It does not at all means the bill is bad.

Bad enough for the The Economist to comment on it? Now you take notice as a neutral third party did not like it.

That one of its main supporter, the Business Software Alliance, admitted it need modification? Not really. While it is a big admission that something is amiss, this is just a PR Stunt.

You know it is really bad when one gigantic member (Microsoft) of one of its supporter, i.e.. BSA again, let slip to the press that it is opposed to it.

Now, while Microsoft approval is not needed for BSA to support any bill, including SOPA, any objections are normally voiced behind closed door. That’s the way of business. Only when it is really bad  for Microsoft, feeling the heat of being painted as the driving force behind BSA’s support(not unjustly given Microsoft’s extremely close relationship with BSA) will it let slip that it is not supporting the bill, will Microsoft breaks the wall of silence and speak out. We are at that stage now.



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