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January 19, 2012

When in a hole, stop digging …

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If ever there is a charge of ‘Conduct not becoming a Senior Vice President of Communication’ against someone, this will be one of the few events where one can charge a VP: RIAA’s Jonathan Lamy really bitter Twitter post that ways Wikipedia blackout is a good thing, at least for students.

I can respect his organization has different opinion from me, and my greater than 50% world population. They are free to sponsor, voice their support for a bill, any bill, that I despise (and neither SOPA or PIPA, in my opinion, risen to that level).  I cannot, however, respect the fact that he let emotions colored his official twit. That is very unprofessional for him. For a senior executive, he should know better than to let emotion color his (mi)judgement. If something looks damaging, and the internet blackout is damaging to RIAA, the worst thing he can do is to start pour oil onto fire. Especially for a PR man, he should know better.


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