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January 20, 2012

A much more measured response …

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Compared to his Senior VP for Communication’s  tweet, MPAA’s head poncho’s comment on SOPA and PIPA  is exactly the type of information you expected from a big association: Measured, composed and not coloured by emotion.

Not that I agreed with everything he said. Particularly the part that the DNS censorship issue is a non-issue  that is inflated by the opposition. Sure, we expected some amount of hype up from people opposing the two acts. At the same token, I expected him to play it down. In this particular case I am more convince now that DNS censorship is an issue because he spectacularly failed to explain why the DNS censorship, as implemented in the SOPA in particular, is not a problem.

His spin doctors obviously provided him with all the ammo he needs to show that DNS censorship can be justified used against provider of illegal content, e.g. child porn and big pirate sites, not that it is needed anyway. The spin here, is he used this to sidestep the actual question that makes the DNS censorship provision in SOPA bad: The potential for misuse.

He is right to say that DNS censorship is an effective way of blocking access to illegal content and can be justified. Opponents of SOPA did not dispute that. They simply argued that the proper check-and-balance is not put in place. Today, MPAA and other parties can always go to the court to ask for an injunction without SOPA. Yes, this is too costly (even for MPAA) and slow and the system need to be updated to take advancement in technology into account, but that does not mean the due-process should be short-circuited. I was actually looking forward for his argument to support this change. To my disappointment, he did not.

And Mr Dodd, I don’t think your opponent pick on you specifically. They did not pick on defense/phama/aerospace because they did not come out in support of the bill, assuming that they support it. May be they are smarter than you  this way. You haven’t denied your organization wanted and lobbied for the two acts and came up in support of it. That, coupled with your counterpart in the music business, RIAA, inaptitude when it comes to enforcing copyrights, you painted a big target on yourself.


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