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January 23, 2012

Guess I was too hasty in praising him …

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MPAA President shot himself on the foot a short while after I praised him for his mature response to SOPA/PIPA humilation.

Unfortunately, it appears that I spoken too soon. He shot himself in the foot big time when he says he might withdraw funding to politicians that did not support SOPA/PIPA.

MPAA, like any person/corporation, is free to support which ever politician it fancy. Like them, they can drop politicians to support another at any and all time. What he says he want to do is no different from me saying I stop support politician X and support politician Y instead. Of course, coming from a person as influential as him, it sounds like bribery. In his defense, if it is bribery, than all of us who did not contribute equally to all political parties are guilty of it.

I guess for MPAA, media that are designed for instant, shoot from the hip, communication is a no go area where they will be wise to avoid.


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