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May 2, 2012

Apple Security like Microsoft in 2002???

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Kaspersky Lab says that “Apple Security like Microsoft in 2002”. I say after giving them a PR boosting, it’s fair.

Regardless of actual reason, I say it is fair because Apple have not yet had to deal with a significant number of malwares and as such it is not gear up to deal with major security threat. While it is not the same as the “Don’t know, don’t care” attitude at Microsoft in the early 2000, the effect is the same:  Users are at risk and the company is not geared up to handle a big security event. Throw in the fact that Macs is now an increasingly interesting target for rogues, we Mac users have to be ready for the inevitable!


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  1. Thank goodness, you aren’t reacting like 99% of Apple fanbois to this, which is “It’s just an anti-virus vendor hawking their wares. You can forget what they are saying.”.

    Denial at its best!

    Say what you want, but Microsoft had a wake-up call about security in 2003, and they responded appropriately.

    It did take several years for them to put the appropriate policies and procedures in place. That length of time has nothing to do with that particular company. It really does take that long to make a huge change in corporate culture, processes, policies, and tools when you have a similarly huge number of people involved, either in a corporation or in a Community of developers (e.g., Open Source).

    Now Apple has just had their wake-up call. I expect it will similarly take them several years to put the full set of appropriate policies, procedures, and tools into place.

    So far, Linux has not had its wake-up call. They are currently in denial about security (“Linux/Unix is immune to malware attacks”, just like “Mac’s don’t get PC viruses”), and will likely remain so until there is a major attack.

    Comment by easson — May 3, 2012 @ 12:09 am | Reply

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