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May 3, 2012

Oracle Vs Google : Jury’s questions not pointing to Google’s favour

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Well, the jury in Oracle Vs Google is definitely taking their time in deliberation. Given that a lot of (sub) questions would not have answered if they just decide that Google had not infringed, it is not looking good for that company. Moreover, the questions that they are asking are increasingly pointing to the fact that they had decided infringement did occur and is in the process of deciding whether it is fair use or not.

Not a development that I would had liked. I think Google’s best hope is that Judge Alsup rule from the bench that the API is not copyrightable. That would pull the rug out of the whole jury verdict. While I understand the judge, for judicial expediency reason, choose to send the jury out while he contemplate the question of whether API is copyrightable, if I were on the jury and he rules that API is not copyrightable, I would wonder why I spend all those time in the deliberation.


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