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May 15, 2012

The law of unintended consequences …

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The internet is buzzing with news that a company call “Pirate Pay” claims to have Microsoft, Sony and Walt Disney support in one form or another for a technology that can stop piracy on BitTorrrent.

Whatever little we know about the actual technology, it sounds like spoofing IPs and flooding the network with fake information/traffic. It is an attack on the network. Sounds to me like fighting fire with fire. Not exactly the best technique ever because it is the good guys crossing over to the other side to fight the bad guys.

Then, there is the possibility that the technique targeted the wrong torrent, i.e., legitimate torrent from a company. Given that they are prepare to cross over to the other side to fight their corner, my prediction is if you are a small company whose legitimate torrent got caught in their dragnet, then they are going to ignore you. Medium size company? They are going drown you in legal cost. Big company? They pay you damages to make you go away. They probably bought insurance just for this purpose.

The good news is, eventually, and that would be sooner rather than later, they antagonized a big company and no amount of money they can afford to pay will make the lawsuit go away. This probably will spell the doom of the technology. That’s the cost of good guys turn bad by using bad guys techniques to fight bad guys.

Moral of the story: It never pays to use bad guys technique, even if you are the good guys.


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