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May 21, 2012

Why China’s approval of Google purchase of Motorola Mobility becomes headline news

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For global companies, and that includes Microsoft, Rio Tinto, JP Morgan and the likes, acquiring another company will raise antitrust concerns everywhere. Thus, they will have to do their rounds at antitrust authorities globally. That is nothing new. Any approval of that kind is a bonafide news item, but as a matter of rule will only occupy  small tiny column in their the business/financial pages, mainly for the benefit of investors. The exception to this is of course US and EU approval. It is not that mainstream media choose to ignore them, but the power of other authorities are limited and cannot make or break the deal.

Thus, while it is not a surprise to see AFP newswire flash the news of China’s approval of Google purchase of Motorola Mobility,  it is interesting to see that main stream media, such as the BBC, choose to invest money and time to write up a story. That is partly a testament to the global importance of mobile technology, but also reflects the rise of China as an important global market.

What news are we going to see next? India approving the deal? Brazil approving the deal?  I think that will reflects both countries rightful place in international commerce.

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