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June 8, 2012

Cyberwar had started

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Allow me patronize you by telling you that the evidence that cyberwar had started just got stronger.

In case there is any doubt, with cyber warfare, I meant state player engaging in blackhat hacking against another state player. Not just your garden variety criminal against you and me or even business against business.

Given the specificity of Struxnet destructive payload, one have strong circumstantial evidence that the malware was created by a sovereign state against Iran. NYTimes just added fuel to fire with an article saying that US and Israel, the two main suspects, are behind that malware. As with this type of activity nobody will put their hand up and admit they did it. NYTimes is in effect, telling us to  trust them that they got it right. While there is no reasons to doubt NYTimes’ credibility, let’s not jump into conclusion  that it is US and/or Isreal that is responsible for Struxnet.

Today, we have the Flame malware. And its creator finds it worthwhile cleaning up after it was discovered. Even if you haven’t read the original NYTimes’ article, I am sure you will find it interesting that the creator, rather than abandon the malware, takes specific steps to clean up and wipe itself completely from infected system. This means it feels that he/she has more to gain from advertising to the world that it has more trick up his/her sleeve that to risk forensic analysis that will uncover the malware power.

This in itself lend even more support to the claim that a state player is involved in building Flame.


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