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July 3, 2012

Facebook just cannot mess with its customers like that

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I must confess I have a facebook account. I did not want one, but to cut a long story short, a series of unfortunate events meant that the least worst path for me to take at the time is to sign up for one. In my defense, I signed up only after being pestered by friends to get an account for three years, and the last time I looked into my facebook account it was a good two years or more ago. I still get those rubbish email from facebook saying so and so did something that I do not care. For all intent and purposes, you can consider me a non-facebook user.

Boy am I glad I do not use Facebook. That company just cannot treat its user right. One mistake is unfortunate. The company history, however, confirm that it cannot get things right for its users. You might want to argue it is pushing the boundary so it will inevitably cross the lines sometime. Its competitors, including Google, cross the lines before. Unfortunately, it did so many times that it seems to be either due to incompetency or downright not caring for its users. Right now, I will say Facebook’s  greatest enemy is itself. Users of  social networking field can and had demonstrated to switch alliance. In fact, Facebook is a beneficiary of such a switch. Everyone wants to be the next Facebook in Facebook’s backyard. Facebook just make it easier if it mess with customers like that.

The latest debacle is Facebook reaching out from its mobile app cocoon into your mobile phone to change your friends emails to @facebook if possible, especially if you got the email address via facebook in the first place. I have no doubt some fine print in your EULA allows it do. Unfortunately, common sense and ethics says Facebook should not do it without explicit permission and with big flashing red ‘I agree to bla bla bla’ and loud siren.

The only silver lining in this dark cloud is it is an education and demonstration to joe user that your mobile app can modify anything on your phone. Hopefully this will prompt some people to take more care.


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