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August 6, 2012

Extremely unscientific poll on copycat

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Inspired by this site, here is my take on similarity between the some of the phones identified by good old wikipedia as in the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung.

Can you tell which one is the iPhone? Answer later, i.e., after I tell you what I think this test represents, and how I doctored the images. Here is a comparison of iPad vs Galaxy Tab, by IOL.

On first glance, I did think they are all iPhone, but after just approximately 2 seconds, I say, hang on, something not right here and can quickly identify which is the iPhone. Question to jury if I were the only witness in the trial, is my “2 seconds” confusion good enough to say Samsung copied iPhone on appearance ?

Note that I did not follow the trial closely enough to say whether Apple claims that the appearance of the phones are too similar. The storm in the teacup over Samsung’s ‘Press Release’ appears to say it is one of Apple’s contention. Note that this is not the entirety of Apple’s claims (see CNET article for the  claim on icons)

How did I doctor the images?

  1. Screen capture the image from Samsung and Apple website promoting the phones in question. I did take special care to make sure I find the phone with the black plastic frames. I could had equally chosen all white frames if we have white frames for the Galaxies. The purpose here is to find things as similar and thus is as potentially confusing as possible. A second, implied assumption is by taking images from the manufacturers’ website, the phones are shown in their best light. This means if there is any intention for one party to confuse consumers, presumably they will make theirs look as close as possible to the other.
  2. Trim as much of the background away as possible.
  3. For the first two picture, black out the screen as I am not interested in the screen display.
  4. Resize all three to the same height, keeping aspect-ratio intact

Answer as if you need it: [From left to right] Galaxy S2, iPhone, Galaxy S


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