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November 1, 2012

Apple scored an own goal

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Did the Apple statement on its UK website satisfied the UK Appeal Court order? A lot of web pundit, including me, did not think so. Yesterday, Groklaw posted on its News Pick an item about Samsung going back to the court to ask for direction. That was the first indication that perhaps Samsung is not happy about it. Today, we got confirmation Samsung was not the only party that is not happy about it, the court itself believes that Apple did not complied with its order. According to Bloomberg, the court now required it to put an additional three sentence on its (UK’s and EUs’ I presume) homepage acknowledging the “incorrect statement”.

So, in short, Apple was too smart for itself and scored an own goal: Instead of a tacit acknowledgement that a small, easy to miss link to the notice is all that is required,  it now must deface  its ‘treasured’ minimalist website will get officially defaced  by three sentences.  [However, I will not be surprised if the three sentences are small and coloured in light grey so as to make it not noticeable.]. Most importantly, it managed to get even more negative publicity for itself; And no, this is not the case of any publicity is good publicity.

My first reading of the notice actually gave me the wrong impression, i.e., instead of Samsung not copying from Apple, I  got the impression that Samsung copied from Apple. I completedly missed the subtext which in effect say that U.K. court is out of step with other courts. It is nice to see that Samsung use that in today’s hearing to deliver the knock-out punch.


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