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November 8, 2012

Blessing in disguise for Samsung and Apple might be biting off more than it can chew

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Two interesting news item overnight.

PCMag reports that Samsung had delayed a fab construction because its projected business relationship with Apple for chips turned sour as a result of lawsuits between the two. I say blessing in disguise. Imagine Samsung has on its hand a expensive fab but insufficient volume. I think it will be worse off. Also, on the long  run, depending on one customer is never a good idea.

The second thing is Apple is attempting to insert Android Jelly Bean into its next Apple vs Samsung suit as reported at Groklaw. Good luck to Apple if it succeed. It will not be taking on Samsung in that case, but Google as well. I can see Google applying to intervene to defend Jelly Bean. I think it has to to protect the Android ecosystem. I am sure Apple see that as well. May be it fancy its chances. May be Google had been helping Samsung all along in the background and therefore all Apple is risking is just Google stepping into the limelight. Only the players in this game know their cards.

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