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March 27, 2012

Great to see that Microsoft is not a sore loser

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Mr Katta went to a Microsoft Store, took the Window Phone Challenge, and despite the fact that the Challenge was rigged to favour Windows Phone, won. However, that poor man did not manage to collect his prize on the spot, but have to make a fuzz online before Microsoft HQ decided to honour the challenge win.

I won’t take this against Microsoft. Its just quite simply the case of a store simply just did not know what to do if someone wins.¬† Katta admitted him winning was pure luck (and I agree). We know the challenged is rigged.¬† His winning¬† created a situation where there was no “Standard Operating Procedure’ to fall back onto so those store guys revert back to their basic human instinct of not accepting that one has lose.

Since his Windows Phone challenger simply having to unlock the phone to win, one cannot help but to conclude that the challenge is rigged to favour Windows. But hey! Its just a bit of fun. Moreover, we know it already. It is a publicity stunt with some entertainment value. Let’s just look at the entertainment value and forget about the rigging please!!!

Luckily, Microsoft HQ steps in to make good to Mr Katta. When they planned the publicity stunt, Microsoft is prepared for someone winning the challenge. It is very improbable, but given that Microsoft tries it luck so many times in a day, it is just a matter of time that someone won the challenge. I have to say kudos to them for honouring their words.

I am wondering whether he had his picture taken under the “My Android was smoked by Windows Phone”. Simply asking him to do so despite his experience is poor communication on the part of Microsoft Store. Even then, who cares!


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