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April 29, 2009

In defence of Alex Brown

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I have to salute Alex Brown for his willingness to engage in the debate of ODF vs OOXML, eventhough he knows the opponent might twist what he said [Declaration of interest. This appears to include me. See this comment]

He commented on GrokLaw knowing that PJ is going to examine every word in minute detail. When it comes to OOXML vs ODF, PJ can at times be blindsighted by her love for ODF.

This post of PJ is something I have a bit of a problem agreeing to everything. There are other issues with the post but that is the topic for another post. In this post, I want to concentrate on Alex Brown conversion with her that was quoted in the post.  After working up that discussion thread, I think his comment was taken out of the context. I do not hink PJ actually asked him about what OOXML is for for the government, but just a general question on what OOXML is for. That means Brown did answer her question by saying what OOXML is for his company. There is no way to generalize this the way PJ did.


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  1. […] Groklaw, PJ posted a blog post asking what OOXML is for. I did comment on a previous post about her unfair attack on Alex Brown. This post is about the other issues I mentioned in the […]

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